Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is our great honour to inform you of the upcoming 3rd International Scientific Conference „Female Sexual Function Index – Be a woman, be a man” that will take place on 5th of December 2015 in Warsaw.

Human sexuality, and female especially, is still undiscovered land. Despite years of medical and psychological researches and academic work, human sexuality and mechanisms governing it, remains very much a mystery.

Women’s sexual behaviors should be considered with even greater concern. Sexuality is an area where plenty of misconceptions and erroneous ideas prevail. Women are not encouraged to get to know their bodies, and media insist on putting men’s sexual needs first. Discussion is trivialized to males’ and females’ ascribed roles of macho man and a woman submissive to him, and generally resembles only little more than a sex and gender chit-chat.

Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) is a brief questionnaire measure of sexual functioning in women, recommended by The International Society for Sexual Medicine and serves as a reliable tool for preliminary screening for female sexual dysfunction.

During the conference we will be discussing, among others topics, the effect of nutriton on sexual health, presentation of sexuality in the media, sexual psychology, as well as we will try to answer the question if there is a key to a healthy, happy and satisfying sexual life.

We invited Polish and international experts and specialists, who will present the latest views and researches on the field of sexuality, from different scientific standpoints.

We expect you to be part of this important event.

prof. dr. Włodzimierz E. Baranowski, MD, PhD
Head of the Scientific Committee
prof. dr. Zbigniew Izdebski, PhD
Head of the Scientific Committee
prof. dr. Krzysztof Nowosielski, MD, PhD
Head of the Scientific Committee