Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

The II International Conference “Female Sexual Function Index – Intimate Side of Women” took place on 4-5th December 2014 in Warsaw.             

We would like to thank the Speakers for preparing and presenting excellent speeches, which touched upon the crucial aspects related to female sexuality. Wide academic achievements as well as commitment of our Guests provided the highest competence level of the conference; moreover, the interdisciplinary character of the speeches extended a scope of discussions, and redirected it onto various issues. Thanks to that, participants were able to get familiar with diverse specificity of sexual and reproductive health of a couple.

We would like to express gratitude towards representatives of Government Administration, Patrons and Partners for a support provided during this socially significant project.

The discussion shown that sexuality of a woman is a complex and multi-dimensional phenomenon, which requires professional and specialist analysis. Participants of the conference convinced that a question about sexual spheres is supposed to become an integral part of medical history. Due to the fact, many women who are suffering from sexual disorders will be enabled to get the chance to improve their sexual life.

Presentation of the Female Sexuality Function Index is the very first step of its popularizing. We wish to make it an integral tool of medical practice; therefore, since now we are waiting for your suggestions with reference to optimization its form and advancement of its functionality.

prof. Ryszard Poręba, MD, PhD

Chairman of the Scientific Committee

dr Włodzimierz W. Sukiennik

Chairman of the Organizing Committee